• International Business Opportunities for the Northern Polar Broadband System
  • We are dedicated to high reliability spacecraft parts procurement and we are able to provide EEE parts from 95% of the world’s space level parts manufacturers.
  • AVANT-SPACE LLC is the Russian private company, manufacturing high-tech microsatellite components and technologies, as well as microsatellite-based services.
  • The 2018 mission of the ExoMars programme will deliver a European rover and a Russian surface platform to the surface of Mars.
The Needs for the Communications over Arctic

The following countries have the interests in the Arctic communications: Canada, USA, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, UK

  • Shipping
  • Oil, Gaz & Mineral
  • Exploration
  • Trans-Polar Aviation
  • Polar Eco-Tourism
  • Science Data Recovery

Northern Polar Broadband Systems
  • Satellite Broadband Services are not available in Arctic
  • GEO satellite services are not available above 80° and even at 60°, appropriate GEO satellites may not be visible or available
  • O3B broadband system can only cover up to 45°
The increasing needs:
  • Broadband is part of our daily life
  • Northern passage opened up for shipping traffic
  • Oil, gas and mineral exploration
  • Over 4 million people now live NORTH of the Arctic circle

Polar ice is receding earlier due to climate change that opens up Northern Route and Northern Passage for shipping traffic

Service Area
450 Latitude
  • Hawaii
  • S.W. USA
  • Peru
  • Brazil
  • Portugal
  • Greece
  • Pakistan
  • W. Australia
  • S.E. Australia
O3B network coverage
O3B network coverage

The First Polar Broadband Communication System

Taking advantage of the 100kg spare capacity in the two Aktika-M launches in the end of 2018 and 2020 into the Molniya orbit. The Small satellite based on AvantSpace low cost modern small satellite technology. Weighs 76 kg carrying Ka-band transponder that provides 110Mbps broadband services (110 Mbps FWD; 110 Mbps RTN)

After the first launch in 2018, the initial system will provide 80% availability over the Northern High Latitude region. After the second launch in 2016, the system provides 100% availability. The satellites design lifetime is 10 years.

The First Polar Broadband System for both Arctic and Antarctica Regions

After the second launch of Small Arktika-M Satellite in the end of 2018 – the completion of the initial phase, the full deployment of the first Polar Broadband System – Aktika-M will commence.

Four low cost small satellites are deployed in phases into the Molniya orbit: 3 on North Pole, 1 on South.

The satellite weighs 200kg and carries Ka-band transponder. The satellite dry mass is 72.5 kg. Each satellite supplies 220 Mbps both FWD and RTN. Mature constellation provides 440 Mbps broadband services for both polar regions. Each Spacecraft lifetime is 10 years

Avant-Space develops the series of micro spacecraft
The design is based on the Kronus platfopm

Avant-Space develops the series of micro spacecraft since 2013.

Kronus-O are the satellites for three-channel remote sensing in the visible and near infrared range with 22 meters resolution. This resolution allows to unite the data from MKA-O satellites with the data from US spacecraft Landsat and British DMC group. Common resolution and spectroscopic data give information about the Earth’s surface with high update rate.

The project includes the development of the group of 8 satellites of the Kronus-O series which can survey the whole dry land during one week. The satellites have multispectral cameras with Nir, G and B ranges. This combination will allow to monitor with the high accuracy the changes in the planet’s vegetation cover using the NDVI algorithm.

The opportunities of the satellite group in the global Earth’s surface scope will make these data useful in every point of the planet. The survey results can be applied in agriculture and forestry, meteorology, the research of climate changes and man’s impact, the informational support for emergency service and disaster management.

The Kronus-O satellites are equipped with the block of cameras designed by Avant-Space and an S-band transmitter for downlink with speed up to 40 Mb/s.